Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kid's Craft: Sea Shell Mobiles

After all of that shell collecting  at the beach last week,
we had to come home and make some crafts with our new treasures.
Such a lovely way to remember our beach trip and so much nicer than store-bought knick-knacks. 

We sorted our shells and drift wood on some newsprint
then got to work making some mobiles with some of our rainbow yarn. 

We hung one up in the backyard, under the trees in the corner the girls call 
"Nature School" (it's their secret club)

This one is hanging in "E"s room, over her desk.

Such beautiful colors....

It makes the sweetest twinkling sound in the breeze from "E"s ceiling fan...
As I was tucking her in (and singing our nightly lullaby)
at bedtime tonight,  it sounded like the  gentle tinkle of fairy songs or mermaids. 

Fondly, pink and green mama, MaryLea

Friday, May 14, 2010

* Make A Kid's Art Apron Smock from a Hand Towel

I got a bleach stain on this blue hand towel.
Could have kept using it in our powder room  but I had another trick up my sleeve...
Why not turn it into a kid's art apron/smock?!
We certainly use them around here!

Re-Use and RePurpose your old hand towels into something useful!

Folded under two corners of the towel to make the top of the apron/smock,
pinned them with straight pins and pinned a bit of 
felt ribbon in there as a neck strap. 

Ran it through the sewing machine.

Then turned up approximately 6 inches
of the bottom of the towel to make a big pocket at the bottom of the apron/smock.

(I added the purple felt ribbon detail and flower
to jazz it up a bit - because I can't leave anything alone)

Then, I stitched up two more lines 
to divide the big pocket
into three smaller pockets -- 
perfect for holding crayola twistables, 
colored pencils, scissors, glue, etc.

No ties in the back, just put it on and you're ready to go--
I left it hanging on our kid's art easel. 

The nice thing about this apron/smock
is both girls can wear it.

I need to make some more
before my summer art camps for kids start (June-August).

Creativity in our house = some level of creative mess

Happy Mess-Making! 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Preschool At Home: Washing Baby Dolls

Please don't judge me for buying a  plastic baby doll at Walmart today...
I had a good reason.
I've been wanting to set up a baby doll-washing station for my youngest daughter "C."
She is three years old and in that mirroring mommy/mommy's little helper phase.

All of our other baby dolls have squishy cloth bodies and
I didn't think they would take to the bath very well.
We've given our babies "pretend baths" with air for years in this little tub
but the secret to real fun (I learned today)
is to use REAL water and REAL soap/shampoo!

I set up her baby washing station in the kitchen
so I could keep tabs on her while I fixed lunch,
 unloaded groceries, 
(and worked on my neurotic packing for our vacation next week)

Equipped with a homemade terry cloth apron
(I'll post about it tomorrow!) and two trays she was entertained for a solid 45 minutes!

The first tray had:  a wash cloth, a child-sized pitcher of warm water
Soap, Mild Baby Shampoo bottle, and a Dry Hand Towel

Second tray held her doll baby bathtub
(you could also use a dishpan/plastic shoebox/or salad bowl)
and her plastic doll
I used trays to keep most of the water on the table and off the floor...

but I let her play with water in the kitchen in hopes that some of the soapy water 
WILL SPILL on our filthy kitchen floor and help clean off a layer. 

I added some water to an empty baby shampoo bottle
and it created just the right amount of suds and was easier for "C" to pour.

"C" had a great time lathering and rinsing her baby.
Scrubbing her arm pits,feet, and tushy. 

Also, shampooing her hair and putting in her "contacts" (like daddy)

She named her doll "Lilly Rose" 
Lilly Rose was a very well behaved baby and did not complain when her bath water got cold
or when she got soap in her eyes.
She did however pee in the doll crib --
I may need to drill a few small holes in her to facilitate drainage!

We're planning on another bath for Lilly Rose after "C"s nap today. 

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Art History: Henri Rousseau Jungle Collage

We studied the artist, Henri Rousseau, last month for Art in the Schools.

The lesson I designed for the school (grades Kindergarten - 6th grade) involved creating a cut paper Jungle Animals and Plants collage inspired by his beautiful paintings. We used construction paper, marker, and recycled Wrapping Paper scraps (from our fall school fundraiser project.)

We also just had a school-wide display/exhibit of some of the Art in the Schools projects from the past two months. I love the way this class decided to do the project as a whole class collage instead of individual projects!

I apologize for the quality of the photos, they were taken in poor hallway lighting with my phone because I forgot my camera - ack!

I love the way the wrapping paper scraps add fun  and unexpected little patterns and colors!

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