Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easy Kid Spring Art Craft: Tissue Paper Forsythia

This craft is 
an oldie but goodie
from my own 
elementary school days. 

So simple that you can make it 
with your two year old,
or get your school-age child 
set up with supplies and let them go!

The best part is that
you probably have all of the supplies
for this project
handy in your house.

You'll need watercolor (brown)
for the stem
(or diluted with water acrylic craft paint)

A drinking straw.

Yellow tissue paper and glue.

Begin by selecting your paper size,
large blue or white paper looks nice 
but other spring colors like pale green or pink
can be quite cheerful.

Hint: Small note cards with spring branches
make lovely 
spring greetings,
baby shower cards,
Mother's Day cards!

To create the stem,
add a puddle of very watery brown paint
at the bottom of your paper,
then use a drinking straw to 
"blow" a branch shape
(like we did when we made our fall halloween trees)

Then, using small torn squares or bits of
yellow tissue paper,
crumple them up and glue 
onto your branch for spring
forsythia blossoms.

You can add bits of green tissue
for leaves (or paint/stamp) leaf shapes
to add more interest and color.

How sweet would some 
(my friend Jen made with her daughter Novi)
be added to this branch?

You can also do this with pink tissue for
cherry or peach tree blossoms,
white for apple blossoms,
lavender for redbuds!

Happy Spring Crafting!

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