Thursday, March 11, 2010

* Rainbow Birthday Party Highlights: Rainbow Jello Tutorial

To celebrate my sweet baby girl's birthday, her little sister and I will 
be delivering a special snack to her class.
My non-conformist little artist, did not want cupcakes, or cookies, or brownies....
She asked me to make RAINBOW jello!

So, two days of prep and
9 boxes of jello later.... 
3 of each flavor:
Cherry Red
Lemon Yellow
and Berry Blast Blue
(we made about 32 cups of jello)

The primary colors create the illusion of orange and green
where they meet - like a true spectrum!

You may notice that we made some of the cups in Red/Yellow/Blue order
and the other half in Blue/Yellow/Red order... no difference, just two different looks!

This would be a fun treat for home or your classroom for St. Patrick's Day!

and.... yes ladies and gentleman, I've got a  fresh can of whipped cream
I'll be bringing along! : )

I'm bringing along copies of THIS great rainbow poem/writing activity from Let's Explore
for her friends to work on during snack!
NOTES: The plastic cups are #1s  so we can recycle them after the kids enjoy their snack!

Plan ahead and leave yourself time to make the cups...
Let each layer set up in the fridge before adding the next color...

(and don't make my rookie mistake and break your favorite pyrex measuring cup
adding cold water to your hot cup after it boiled water in the microwave!)

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