Wednesday, March 10, 2010

* Rainbow Birthday Party Highlights: Craftivities

As guests arrived, they were invited to the art studio to make their own
Froot Loop Cereal necklaces on rainbow yarn.
We taped down one end on the table. (Remember these from RAINBOW Camp?!)

Built- in snacks to wear  and eat while you work!

Then, we picked out paint sample chips to make our own 
mini notepads (click here if you need directions from my older post!)

Then, we moved on to Color Wheel mixing with paper towels.

I downloaded these cute templates from Mama Jenn's blog here and laminated them
to use for future art classroom activities.

Sadly, I used diluted food coloring in water and the colors were too washed out to bleed and mix properly so our color wheels were a bit of a flop. 

Then, we moved on to our awesome no mess hankie tie-dyeing 
with permanent markers and  rubbing alcohol!

Followed by some water color painting.

We painted monograms with watercolors on watercolor paper.

I cut out each child's initial from clear contact paper ahead of time and had them ready to go.

Each of the craftivities could be done by guests of all ages (including three year old little sisters!)

Happy Birthday sweet girlie!

Before she opened each gift, the Frog Princess took a moment
to look at that gift-giving friend  and tell them something she liked about them, 
or that made them special to her - it was really sweet
(and I wrote down what she said about each friend as well as what gift they gave her)

Taking a quick break from unwrapping gifts to make an impromptu wrapping paper dress!

One of the Frog Princess' friends made her this sweet bracelet -- she loved it!
(home made gifts from the heART are the best!)

When our guests left, we asked each one to pick a  pinwheel from the front yard
to take home, it was fun watching the kids run around in the front yard with their pin wheels spinning
in the March sunshine.... bring on SPRING! 

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