Sunday, March 7, 2010

* Rainbow Birthday Party Highlights: No Mess Tie-Dye Hankies

The girls and I decided 
to test drive a new art project 
before the Frog Princess'
"Rainbow Art and Science" 
Birthday Party. 

I first saw this great idea over at

We did tie-dyeing with 
permanent markers
and rubbing alcohol.

Similar to the results you can get with coffee filters,
magic markers,  and water
(for those of you crafting with younger children)

The results were a huge hit and we DID end up
doing hankie tie-dyeing
as one of our craftivities (crafty activity)
with her friends at her birthday party this weekend.

1. Start with a glass jar or small juice glass
(we used glass baby food jars)

2. Stretch your fabric 
(in this case, we used clean white, cotton handkerchiefs)
around the mouth of the jar or glass and 
secure with a rubber band.

3. Draw concentric circles on your fabric, with 
permanent markersMix up your colors!

You can make solid lines OR  dotted lines (each makes a different effect)

4. When you've got all of your circles on there (as many as you want)
ask an adult
to apply a few drops of rubbing alcohol
to the center of the design
with an eye dropper. 

The end result is pretty cool and the alcohol evaporates/ dries quickly. 

We decided to use ours as 
a funky blanket for our dolls,
I think they look like  cool hippie rainbow flowers. 

They would be cute if we added stems and leaves to them.
I'm dyeing to make a flower quilt this way!

I have no idea if these will wash out if we launder them...

All I know is this project was 
a huge hit with the kids at 
her 7th birthday party
and the parents got a good chuckle
out of a table full of 6 and 7 year olds raising their hands and 
saying, "I'm ready for more alcohol!"

(one of our guest's rainbow tie-dye)
More party details to follow!

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