Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rainbow Birthday Party Highlights: Prep, Decor, and Snacks

This past Saturday,
we celebrated 
the Frog Princess' 7th birthday
with friends and family
with a 
"Rainbow Art and Science Party"
are you thinking
wait... didn't you JUST HAVE a birthday party?! 

Oh yes, my dear friends,
my two daughters have birthdays that are
three weeks apart
so we get to have back-to-back parties. 

We made mini rainbow
kite paper stars
that we were going to hang 
from the ceiling (but ran out of time!)
so they ended up on the buffet.

A welcome sign
on our easel
by the front door
lets guests know they're at the right house!

Pinwheels from the Dollar Store
to greet our guests...
each guest was asked 
to take one home
as they left the party!

The Frog Princess supervised
the frosting color mixing
and cupcake decorating...

I'm a big nerd, 
because dirty dishes like these
actually make me happy...


Her yummy Pillsbury Funfetti Cupcakes

NOTE: I wanted to tie-dye white cake batter
so the cakes would be rainbow INSIDE...
but the Frog Princess vetoed it and said 
they would "taste too chemically"
so instead she allowed this --

for the record, she took one bite 
and said they, "tasted too chemically" 
with the food coloring frosting 
and wouldn't eat them either!

Speaking of "chemically"
she had no problem 
gobbling up three (or four)
of these rainbow twizzlers. 

and no, that bowl did not have 
any pet snails or fish in it --
it's clean!

I colored Sprite
(with food coloring)
and asked each kid what
their favorite color was...
I could mix and pour their 
drink to any color they like
(red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple,
even brown!)

The girls getting the table set 
in the morning before
the guests arrived.

and painted with love
watercolor paper rainbows
hanging from our kitchen table light.

A view of the kitchen table
ready for action...
the felt birthday banner 
is hanging across the doorway
with our rainbow silk scarf behind it...

Somewhere, over the buffet.

Balloon rainbow
floating over the buffet...

I think our betta fish, "Baby Gippy"
and our two pet frogs 
"Frog Lloyd Wright" and "Lilly"
liked the bright colors. 

Coming up next...
all of our fun 
Rainbow Craftivities!

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