Saturday, March 13, 2010

* Indoor Cat Fairy Garden

The girls and I recently re-made 
this little indoor fairy garden 
for our resident window bird watcher, Elly cat.

Elly is notorious for eating our houseplants.
She destroys any and all flowers that come into the house,
as well as decorative ribbon, balloon strings, and raffia. 

To give her something she actually CAN eat,
we planted some kitty grass
in this shallow dish. 
The girls added glass rocks as "water" in the form of some pebbles, 
a perfect Chair-shaped rock, a small bench, and some PlayMobil fairy friends.

Elly loves it and so do the girls.

So far so good, I haven't found any grass barfed up around the house yet!
(of course, now that I've typed that I've sealed my fate
and will be stepping in some in the next hour)

We had grass sprouts in a few days
and the whole thing looked like a mini jungle in about a week. 

I think we'll be planting our easter baskets
with "cat grass" this year as well!
I found the grass seeds at the pet store (PetCo/PetSmart)

We were much more successful growing our own
grass from seed than we have been with buying those 
little pots of pre-planted grass in the past...
they pre-planted ones from the store are always
infested with little gnats and die in less than a week.

We're also growing strawberry plants, 
onions, and lettuce from seed this year... keep your fingers crossed!

and.... (just because I'm a smitten mama) 
here's a photo 
of the birthday girl "E" 
blowing out her seven candles on her birthday cheesecake. 

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