Thursday, March 25, 2010

Homemade Gift: Sock Animals

I'd never made a sock animal before
and I wasn't sure how to proceed,
so I just made it up as I went.
There are probably better directions
out there than mine...

but... I did end up with two finished animals
(a sock bunny and a sock kitty) 
when I was finished!

Stuff a child's sock to form a body.
The heel looked like a good little 
snout/nose/face to me.

I saved all of my sock bits
as I cut them up,
you never know what you're going to need!

I mixed and matched socks to make 
them more "patchwork-y" (new word!)
and interesting : )

I used the skinny long pieces 
(from the toe end) to make 
arms, legs, kitty tails,
and bunny ears. 

Inside out the skinny bits 
to sew skinny little 
tubes with rounded ends
for appendages. 

Then right-side out them, 
and stuff them before you sew
them to the body.

Sock Kitty starting to 
come together....

Pin on those arms and legs
(bunny ears!)
and start sewing.

Sew on some button eyes
and a nose.

Sock Kitty's Tail.

(just like an arm but with 
less stuffing a bit skinnier)

Sock Bunny's 
Pom-pom tail.

(how fun would HE be 
in an Easter Basket?!)

They'll need 
of course!

Finished Sock Kitty.

(Do you see the little pink 
felt paw pads
I sewed on her paws?)

Now make sure you give them a 
good squeeze and a cuddle
to fill them with love!

Happy Sewing!

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