Wednesday, March 17, 2010

* Homemade Fabric Tree Stump Fairy House

I started making this as a birthday gift for one (or both) of the girls
but I couldn't wait to show it to them, so (of course) I gave it to them 
as soon as I finished it...
Yes, their birthdays are in February and March.
Yes, I finished this in December ( a few days after Christmas)
and gave it to them during a blizzard  during winter break this January.

I am an instant gratification crafter  when it comes to making stuff
for my own kids... I can never save it as a surprise. 

Tink was ecstatic to have a new place to call home.

Heads up for those of you getting ready to ask for a tutorial...
I free-form stitched the whole thing without a pattern.
I do a lot of my crafting this way, I just make it up as I go
(again, the instant gratification thing)

This is only a problem, when I'm  asked to make more than one of something...
since there isn't a pattern it's a bit tricky to re-create. 
I can try but it won't be the same. 

I sandwiched plastic craft mesh between two pieces of fabric to create rigid base/platform
(and only broke ONE sewing machine needle in the process).

I used organic cotton quilters batting  between two shades of brown cotton fabric
for the stump and free-hand machine-stitched the "bark" patterns. 

The roots are stuffed and stitched to the base. 

Our Mama Kopp slugs and snails LOVE to visit here for tiny  acorn cap tea parties!
(check out her Etsy Shop here)

For another WONDERFUL Fairy Tree Stump you can make 

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