Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Goodnight Peep Diorama -- Peeps Show IV

I entered the Washington Post's Peeps Diorama contest again this year
and was a finalist (woot!) with my entry
"Goodnight Peep"Peeps Show IV

If you click on the link above
you can see the winner, finalists, and semi-finalist entries
(they even have a cool video tour of my diorama!)

(Look but don't touch!)

 Here's "C" checking it out...
and showing you her copy of Good Night Moon
so you can see the size of my diorama.

I started the diorama on Saturday morning after coming up with the idea in the shower.
(I do all of my best creative thinking there)
Geoff and my mom took care of the girls so I could spend the afternoon building my diorama.
Sadly (or embarrassingly), I actually had all of the materials I needed
to make the diorama except the peeps, rocking chair and fire place!

They interviewed me for the
Washington Post's Magazine
you can read it here.

For those of you local Northern Virginia folks,
you'll see me and my diorama in the magazine this weekend (April 4, 2010 issue).

Some of you have commented about
my new head shot on my blog....
it's from a series taken recently by Diana Adams.

This great portrait was taken by my photographer friend, Diana Adams
to appear as my "head shot" for the magazine interview. 
Thanks so much Diana!

And finally....
In case you didn't get enough Peeps action yet,

I was a semi-finalist in 2008 
with my "Sesame Peep" entry #19 on the slide show.

Yes, I'm a total Peep Nerd. 

Pink and Green Mama,

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