Friday, March 12, 2010

Glitter Glue Jewelry Boxes

The Frog Princess 
decorated this jewelry
box for me
two years ago, when she was 5.

I love it. 
It sits on my dresser
and holds some of my treasures...

locks of my daughter's 
hair from first hair cuts at home
and special rocks
collected with special memories.

She made it with glitter glue
so simple,
but lovely.

A perfect home made gift
for the littlest of hands.

(think: mother's day, grandma's birthday,
teacher gift, just because...)

The Mini-Saurus asked if she could
make one as a birthday gift for her
big sister last week...
so that's exactly what we did 
while big sister was away at school.

She had to really work those little 
fingers to squeeze the glitter glue
but she did it...

She even kept it a secret (for 48 hours)!

"Pink Baby Cat with a Cupcake"
the perfect birthday gift for 
big sister.


"Baby Kitty in a Garden with Flowers" 
for herself. 

Mama added the heart and helped 
draw the two kitty heads -
she did the rest!

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