Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Basket with Grass

This year, we're growing "natural" Easter baskets
with cat grass instead of our usual shredded paper grass. 

I actually remembered to start them this weekend.
(a small miracle since we're in the middle of some major home renovations right now!)

First we lined our Easter Baskets with aluminum pans. 
Crafty Recycling at it's finest.... (leftover from our favorite dinner rolls!)

This way, we can remove the trays easily after Easter and turn them into Fairy Gardens! : )

Cat Grass seeds mixed with potting soil.
Might as well grow something the kitties can enjoy when we're done...

Mini-Saurus set to work watering our baskets with her spray bottle.
(Yes... I have blue painter's tape on my doors, they still need a second coat of paint)

Our baskets are sitting by the door, waiting for some sun... and misting from little friends.

Tiny the snail gets a misting too!

Happy (Natural) Easter!

Pink and Green Mama

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