Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kid's Craft: Recycled Robot With Box, Aluminum Foil, and Spare Parts from our Inventions Box!

If you've been reading my blog, you'll know that we're up to
our knees, necks, and eyebrows in snow!
This much snow = No school.
No school = Lots of crafts and creative free play in our pajamas.
I love the way my girls come up with really fun and creative projects when left to their own devices.
This is one of them. Recycled Robots.

More crafting in PJs… I will confess, my kids don't get dressed
in real clothing when they're home with me all day.
"E" and "C" asked me for some boxes from our garage stash.
(hmmm...those look like they're about the size of a flat rate priority mail box!)

We taped them shut and wrapped them in aluminum foil. (easier and faster than paint)
They raided the "inventions box" for materials to create their robots.

All of the objects were attached with clear packing tape.

"E" named her robot
"P - 64"
"P" stands for the poo-pourri charm she hung on the handle of the robot.
"64" is the number of choice because of the "button" on the front of her robot
(also known as a Miller MGD 64 beer bottle cap.)
Yes, we're all class around here.
"E" said, "It's a good thing you and dad drink beer so we have all of these
cool bottle caps to craft with!" Hmmm….
Two Duplo 4-wheel carts were taped to the bottom of "E"s robot

I was working nearby at the kitchen table cutting boxes into boats
for "C"s upcoming Pirates and Mermaids birthday party.
I assisted with a box cutter to make appropriate holes when needed.

This is "C"'s robot. "C" turns three this weekend.
Her robot's name is Karen. Yes...like the robot in Sponge Bob.

Like I said, we've been snowed in for over a week...Help!

Pink and Green Mama

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