Monday, February 8, 2010

Fun Inside: Stacking Cups

The Frog Princess has
been learning how to do
speed cup stacking
in her physical education classes at school.

Thanks to her mother's hoarding
"green living"
I happened to have this ridiculous
stash of plastic cups leftover
from my husband's paint supplier
in our garage.

She has been giving us
daily demonstrations of her
speed stacking
(and unstacking)

She has also been making
cup stacks.

Avoiding hazards like
cats and little sisters....

Now you can see what
my kids do when they have
too much free time
(and 28" of snow)
around here.

If you're stuck inside
with bored kids in this winter mess
you could always crack out a
package of party cups
(or bathroom cups)
or raid your tupperware collection.

Happy Stacking!

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