Tuesday, February 2, 2010

* Feel Better Felt Band-Aids For Play

Felt band-aids...
why didn't I think of these last year for our Doctor Birthday Party?!

My sweet little Mini-Saurus "C"
woke up with the croup in the wee hours this morning (ugh).

We spent time in my bathroom cuddling with the shower steam,
then followed it up with some quality time doing a saline treatment on our nebulizer.

Checking out the purple dinosaur mask on our nebulizer this morning.

While we were having our wee-morning rendez-vous
she announced that her Froggy needs some band-aids for her ouchy toe.
She made me promise to make her some in the morning.
Whatever helps HER feel better!

So, after a cup of very strong coffee this morning,
we sat down together at the sewing machine
and came up with these little felt band-aids.

I cut out some tan felt rectangles.

Then, rounded the corners with my scissors and sewed on white felt square pads.

My coughing and hacking sewing assistant
and I whipped up several different sizes for various dolls and stuffed animal friends.

No fingers were injured in the making of this project.

She also asked for some toilet paper for her Froggy.

They're both working on their potty training!

So, I sewed a small felt strip with stitching at regular intervals for the squares.
And no, it is not quilted... it is single-ply.

She's been rolling it up all morning (good fine motor practice)

Froggy watched us working.
She tried out one of our new band-aids on her knee.

I added velcro to one side of each band-aid to help them stick together.
I only had white velcro in my sewing basket so we colored it "tan"with a permanent marker to blend in.

Feel better sweet pea!

Check out this 
ADORABLE Felt Doctor's Kit my bloggy friend, Cheryl,
from SEW CAN DO 
made for her sweet kiddos --  she says she was inspired by my band-aids!!

I LOVE THE CAST (with signatures!!)
and the bag... and the x-ray... and the blood pressure cuff... go check it out! 

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