Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crayon Valentine Heart Cards

Several of you have asked how we "present" our

Each year, the Frog Princess
designs a card
that I copy on with my computer scanner/printer.
Then, we just put them in an envelope with the crayon hearts tucked inside.

You could even make your own envelopes
out of recycled paper if you have a lot of spare time...
I don't.
I use envelopes from a giant
bag of stray envelopes
I've collected and saved over the years for projects like this.

Some folks like to use
double-sided foam tape
to stick the crayons to their valentines but I don't think that is very planet friendly
and...I'm too lazy!
Have you ever seen what that stuff does to your craft scissors?!

This year, The Frog Princess drew
6 different Valentine designs
on a sheet of white office paper, then I scanned them,
and printed 4 sheets of them on
full sheet
self-adhesive (office) labels.
We cut them apart on the paper cutter and added them to some card stock from our stash.

I love the way the scanned marker and crayon
drawings look like
original art work.

Happy Valentine's Day!

P.S. Thank you for all of the kind comments about Mini-Saurus' croup yesterday.
She's doing much better. Now she's just in full throttle coughing-sneezing-snotty cold mode.
My new hobby is hand washing.


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