Friday, February 26, 2010

Birthday Party Highlights: Pirates and Mermaid Party Fishing Game

Time for Pirate and Mermaid Party Games!

Yes, you CAN fish indoors during a February birthday party.

Start with a small wading pool.

(recognize this one? It's our summer water table when I stack it on milk crates on our deck)
Beach towels underneath, on the kitchen floor.
A stack of dry hand towels nearby for spills, drips, wet hands.
Two watering cans full of water.

Hand cut, Craft foam fish decorated with permanent markers
and colored paper clips added to their mouths.

Fishing poles were homemade by me and the hubby...

We sawed bamboo poles (with a hack saw)
from the dollar store in half and added a pencil eraser to the rough edge.

Then I added yarn and refrigerator magnets.
You could use cardboard wrapping paper tubes
or dowel rods... or even just a pencil with a string.

*NOTE from the trenches* please learn from my mistakes
Our strings were too long when we started (around 2 feet) 
The kids kept getting tangled together.
Wet yarn tangles = frustrated kids  and mom with very wet fingers...
solution: Cut the strings to about 12"-14" 

Remember to throw them back
when you're done fishing and let some one else have a go at them!
This game is fun in the bath tub too!

* We also had a tub with gems and plastic toys in it buried in a ball pit for the little ones
to dig and add to treasure boxes I picked up at the craft store. *

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