Thursday, February 25, 2010

* Birthday Party Highlights: Pirates and Mermaid Boats Party Craft

You can't have a birthday party around here without crafts!

The guests at our Pirates and Mermaids themed birthday party
had a blast decorating these homemade cardboard boats.

I got the template and wonderful directions from IKAT blog here

(Go check out her Polly Pockets and PlayMobil friends
sailing off with their adorable anchors and life boats in tow!)

Mine are a simpler, mini version of hers.

I cut them out from
leftover boxes in my garage
when we were snowed in during the blizzard a few weeks ago.

Hooray for box cutters, a self healing mat,
a garage full of random recyclables, and a glue gun!
(there is a reason why you can't park a car in my garage)

The table with supplies ready to go:
colored masking tape
dot paints
foam letter stickers
scrap-booking letter stickers

Arrgh...busy pirates

a very POPULAR activity!

Bonus: it's a craftivity
(my word for crafty activities that keep your kids busy)
and a party favor!

One happy birthday girl!
Next post ... fishing at our party...

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