Sunday, February 28, 2010

Birthday Party Highlights: Pirates and Mermaid Party Silly Face Posters

Make your next birthday party extra fun with DIY Photo Props! 

Another popular activity at our Pirates and Mermaids party
was taking candid photos with these two foam core posters I painted to use as photo props.
One mermaid and one pirate with holes for the faces cut out!

Because it's paper coated foam core,
it's very light weight and guests of all ages
could hold them up and have their photos taken!

Enjoy the photo gallery of a few of our favorite mermaids and pirates!

One of my BFFs from College and her sweet baby boy....

Favorite Niece!

Frog Princess Mermaid.

Grandpa made the best pirate face!

Witness Protection Pirate
(or is that the Unabomber?)

Daddy feels pretty when he's a mermaid.

Aaaargh...That be all me hearty's!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Birthday Party Highlights: Pirates and Mermaid Party Fishing Game

Time for Pirate and Mermaid Party Games!

Yes, you CAN fish indoors during a February birthday party.

Start with a small wading pool.

(recognize this one? It's our summer water table when I stack it on milk crates on our deck)
Beach towels underneath, on the kitchen floor.
A stack of dry hand towels nearby for spills, drips, wet hands.
Two watering cans full of water.

Hand cut, Craft foam fish decorated with permanent markers
and colored paper clips added to their mouths.

Fishing poles were homemade by me and the hubby...

We sawed bamboo poles (with a hack saw)
from the dollar store in half and added a pencil eraser to the rough edge.

Then I added yarn and refrigerator magnets.
You could use cardboard wrapping paper tubes
or dowel rods... or even just a pencil with a string.

*NOTE from the trenches* please learn from my mistakes
Our strings were too long when we started (around 2 feet) 
The kids kept getting tangled together.
Wet yarn tangles = frustrated kids  and mom with very wet fingers...
solution: Cut the strings to about 12"-14" 

Remember to throw them back
when you're done fishing and let some one else have a go at them!
This game is fun in the bath tub too!

* We also had a tub with gems and plastic toys in it buried in a ball pit for the little ones
to dig and add to treasure boxes I picked up at the craft store. *

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

* Birthday Party Highlights: Pirates and Mermaid Boats Party Craft

You can't have a birthday party around here without crafts!

The guests at our Pirates and Mermaids themed birthday party
had a blast decorating these homemade cardboard boats.

I got the template and wonderful directions from IKAT blog here

(Go check out her Polly Pockets and PlayMobil friends
sailing off with their adorable anchors and life boats in tow!)

Mine are a simpler, mini version of hers.

I cut them out from
leftover boxes in my garage
when we were snowed in during the blizzard a few weeks ago.

Hooray for box cutters, a self healing mat,
a garage full of random recyclables, and a glue gun!
(there is a reason why you can't park a car in my garage)

The table with supplies ready to go:
colored masking tape
dot paints
foam letter stickers
scrap-booking letter stickers

Arrgh...busy pirates

a very POPULAR activity!

Bonus: it's a craftivity
(my word for crafty activities that keep your kids busy)
and a party favor!

One happy birthday girl!
Next post ... fishing at our party...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Birthday Party Highlights: Pirates and Mermaid Party

The Mini Saurus "C" celebrated her third birthday
this weekend with a Pirates and Mermaids bash!

Cake was homemade by mom.
Brown sugar sand/beach for C's favorite polly pockets and Play Mobil dolphins.

Decorated AS the first guests were arriving...
Long story involving our cupcake holders
Pirates and Mermaids (so cute -- from Meri Meri)
Lost by FedEx because of the blizzard and not arriving till super late
the night before the party... after I baked the cake.

(Meri Meri even refunded my money and told me to keep them, how nice are they?!)

Snacks... kitchen table draped with a white table cloth and
3.5 yards of mermaid fabric from Walmart, folded in half as a no-sew table runner.
Topped off with three yards of blue tulle.

Goodie buckets (from the dollar store)
line the stairs and add welcome color to the entryway.
A good place to deposit treasures during the party!

They are waiting to be filled by the guests with buried treasure and craft projects!
(psst...there is a pirate eye patch waiting in each one)

A tribute to "C"s betta fish, "Baby Gippy"
(recycled decor from E's fishy 3rd bday party)

(Will post more details about this project in a separate post!)

What is everyone looking for in the ball pit?

(our wading pool with a bag of ball pit balls... also great for snowy and rainy day play)

"Buried Treasure" of course! (aka Dollar store glass beads
and gravel that I spray painted metallic gold)

Popping bubbles from the battery operated bubble machine
was a popular past time for kids of all ages.

A full bucket at the end of the party...
The kids got paper mache treasure boxes to collect their "buried treasure"

A view from upstairs... when I went to check on this

An impromptu talent show and dance party in the Frog Princess' room!

I colored the cake batter her favorite colors, pink and purple
with a skinny white layer in between.
(a test drive for E's cake next month!)

Favorite cousin checking out our fish tank
(I put a cut out mermaid on the glass in the back of the tank!)

One very happy Mermaid Princess Birthday Girl!

Love you cutie pie!


Monday, February 22, 2010

* Felt Happy Birthday Banner

We had a very busy weekend.
The Mini Saurus celebrated her birthday!

The felt birthday banner made by yours truly
is finished and hanging between our kitchen table and the family room...
(same place as the advent countdown)

It will get more use in two weeks for the Frog Princess' 7th birthday.

Mini Saurus was actually due ON the Frog Princess' birthday...
thank goodness I have my babies early.
I don't think I could take back-to-back birthday parties around here!

So much love in one little room.

We had a much quieter celebration, a just the four of us day
for her "real" birthday.

I need to make 2 felt birthday crowns for next year!

Working on her new Kumon activity book (she loves it!)
Thank you Grammy and Grandpa!

One last cupcake before bed.
More to come… I promise!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kid Craft: Birthday Cupcake Card

My sweet Mini Saurus "C" turns three this weekend.

Seems like a perfect time to show and tell this cute cupcake card
she made this fall for a family member.

We've made several more since for friend's birthday cards.

First, we cut a paper cup cake wrapper in half and glued it to a blank card.

Then she scribbled with a magic marker the brown cup cake on top.

We finished it off with a generous helping of white elmer's school glue
(dries clear) and real sprinkles!

Happy Birthday Sweet "C"!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Work In Progress: Felt Birthday Banner Sneak Peek

Here's a little sneak peek
at what I've been doing
in my art studio
this week.

Two little girls are having
birthdays here.
Mini Saurus "C" this month
and big sister Frog Princess "E" in a few weeks.

Mama is in
full throttle
birthday party planning,
crafting mode.

I promise I'll have lots of fun
pictures and posts to show and tell
as soon as I catch my breath
and get photos uploaded!

until then,
here's a work in progress...

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