Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Play Mat

When we were snowed in here
on the east coast over winter break,
the girls and I needed
some good warm indoor fun.

The Winter Box from last year
was too messy with the rice
and was losing it's mystique.

I wanted a way for the girls
to explore the "snow"
without making a mess.

So... I made this little
winter play mat
some organic cotton
quilt batting
as the frozen tundra,

a scrap of
iridescent fabric
from my stash for the frozen pond,

and a white felt igloo.

The elves, penguins,
and arctic critters
have been playing very
nicely together.

It has also been a lovely
wintery addition
to Fairy Land!

Let it snow,
Let it snow,
Let it snow!

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