Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Waldorf Window Stars

What a perfect craft activity (craftivity) for a cold winter day,
Waldorf Window Stars!

The Frog Princess is at home (sick) from school today,
so we spent Mini-Saurus' nap time folding star points with kite paper from this wonderful kit.
My own (awesome artist) mama ordered it for me from Palumba.
(go to their site and it will become one of your favorites, I promise!)

I learned how to fold and assemble the stars from Garden Mama's blog.

Rainbow-y Goodness!

Oh kite paper, how I love thee...

The Frog Princess said that staying home with me and folding stars
is more fun than doing math at school...
I agree.

I would rather eat pancakes for lunch, play legos, and fold rainbow stars
with my sweet little girls any day.

Pink and Green Mama

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