Thursday, January 28, 2010

Upcycled Sweater Hot Water Bottle Cozy

We've had a tummy bug in our house,
tis the season for them.
Last February, we all passed one around
that ended up with me having it for
Mini-Saurus' birthday.

(Ugh! Wish I'd thought of this last year... )

This year, the Frog Princess brought
it home from school
and had a pretty wicked
tummy ache.

I needed a way to make her
feel better
and in the past my
heart shaped water bottle
has done the trick.

I wanted to make it a bit more
cuddly so I upcycled one
of her favorite old sweaters
into a hot water bottle cozy.

See the rips at the bottom seam?
Yes, it was starting to fall apart
from being worn daily for half a year
(you think I'm joking but I'm not.)

When she
(she meaning the Frog Princess
who should know better,
not the toddler)
decided to see what would happen
if she cut the edge with scissors...

well...that pretty much finished it off.

I started by laying her sweater
on my table inside out.
Then, I traced around my hot water bottle
with a sharpie.

You purest sewers would probably
use chalk,
but as I'm traveling my 30s
my eye sight is starting
to have a harder time
with faint chalk lines
in my dim sewing nook
so... sharpie it is!

I stitched around the sharpie outline
twice with my sewing machine
to reinforce the seam.

Be careful with the presser foot,
it can snag the sweater easily.

Then, I cut out the sweater
(with a seam allowance)
with my pinking shears.

I left a big edge because I have no idea
if it's going to try to unravel on me!

Then, I turned it back inside out
and stuffed the water bottle
in the neck hole
to make sure
it would fit.

Then, I decided it needed a little bit
of felty love,
because I can't leave anything alone!

so soft
and the Frog Princess was
thrilled to see her
favorite fuzzy sweater

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