Friday, January 29, 2010

Old School Crafting: Weaving Ribbon Barrettes

My mom recently discovered my old stash of ribbon barrettes
she wove for me when I was a little girl.

The Frog Princess claimed them immediately and has been wearing them to school all winter.

I still remember getting them around this time of year,
I had a pink and burgundy set I wore for Valentine's day
and a pale pink and blue set that were my favorites!

All of you mommies that were children and teens of the 80s
will remember this blast from the past!

I had already picked up a stash of barrettes
and skinny ribbon to make some when this month's
Family Fun magazine arrived with directions! Are you kidding me?!
psst...I swear their editors have a secretcamera planted in my craft room!

You will need one yard of each color (2 colors per barrette) and a split-style barrette.

I got the traditional straight-style barrettes and some wavy-style barrettes to mix it up a bit!

My girls love them and I have a new project to keep my hands busy at night!

Happy Crafting!

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