Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kid's Craft: Valentine Heart Wreath

The Frog Princess has been home with me
all week battling a stomach virus
(She's on day 7 of it -- Yuck!)
so we've been working on some
quiet crafts
to pass our long afternoons.

We made this simple
Valentine's Day Wreath
to add a little
festivity to our decor.

If your child can
tie a basic knot
that's the only skill they need
to help with this project.

If they're too little to tie knots
(like Mini-Saurus)
they can help pick fabrics
and hand you strips
to tie on.

Start by cutting strips
of fabric.

We picked out
reds and hot pinks
from our stash.

I think these were approximately
9" long
(and a few were 4")

I used my
pinking sheers
to keep it from unraveling.

At first, I was not so bright and trying
to slip the smaller strips of fabric
under the branches and tie them on.

Then, the Frog Princess
being the genius that she is
(have I told you she's smarter than her mother?!)
suggested we just tie longer
strips around the whole wreath. much easier
(and faster!)

So easy and quick.
A perfect craft for a gray day
and kid who doesn't feel too hot.


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