Monday, January 4, 2010

* Felt Mushroom Fairy House

Our winter break was filled
with plenty of snowy afternoons.
Perfect weather for crafting in the art studio.

These days, when I do get time alone in my studio,
I find myself making things for my girls --
I can't help myself.
It's fun and they sure are cute.

Someday, I'll make "real" art again, until then I'm going to have
fun making little goodies for my sweet girls and their friends.

I made a few of these felt mushroom
fairy (gnome) homes for the girls.

The walls had to be reinforced with a scrap of cardboard
(re-cycled from a Christmas gift box) and a bit of stiff brown felt.

"E"wanted a"traditional" red and white mushroom,
and "C" wants everything to be pink -- hence, the pink mushroom.

They've been the perfect addition to our Fairy Land.

I even made a little pink house for one a special neighbor friend's birthday.

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