Saturday, January 30, 2010

Home Made Felt Cinnamon Roll

Here's my final felt food post (for awhile....)

I made a couple of versions of this
cinnamon roll with tan fleece fabric.

The fleece was more of a challenge to work with than the felt.

For the first roll,
I made a tube/coil of fabric and hand-stitched it into a spiral.

For the other two cinnamon rolls,
I folded over a
long piece of tan fleece
with some chocolate brown felt
and rolled it up carefully,
using a glue gun
and a few
carefully placed stitches
to secure the roll.

To finish them off,
I used white fabric puff paint
for the frosting.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Old School Crafting: Weaving Ribbon Barrettes

My mom recently discovered my old stash of ribbon barrettes
she wove for me when I was a little girl.

The Frog Princess claimed them immediately and has been wearing them to school all winter.

I still remember getting them around this time of year,
I had a pink and burgundy set I wore for Valentine's day
and a pale pink and blue set that were my favorites!

All of you mommies that were children and teens of the 80s
will remember this blast from the past!

I had already picked up a stash of barrettes
and skinny ribbon to make some when this month's
Family Fun magazine arrived with directions! Are you kidding me?!
psst...I swear their editors have a secretcamera planted in my craft room!

You will need one yard of each color (2 colors per barrette) and a split-style barrette.

I got the traditional straight-style barrettes and some wavy-style barrettes to mix it up a bit!

My girls love them and I have a new project to keep my hands busy at night!

Happy Crafting!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Upcycled Sweater Hot Water Bottle Cozy

We've had a tummy bug in our house,
tis the season for them.
Last February, we all passed one around
that ended up with me having it for
Mini-Saurus' birthday.

(Ugh! Wish I'd thought of this last year... )

This year, the Frog Princess brought
it home from school
and had a pretty wicked
tummy ache.

I needed a way to make her
feel better
and in the past my
heart shaped water bottle
has done the trick.

I wanted to make it a bit more
cuddly so I upcycled one
of her favorite old sweaters
into a hot water bottle cozy.

See the rips at the bottom seam?
Yes, it was starting to fall apart
from being worn daily for half a year
(you think I'm joking but I'm not.)

When she
(she meaning the Frog Princess
who should know better,
not the toddler)
decided to see what would happen
if she cut the edge with scissors...

well...that pretty much finished it off.

I started by laying her sweater
on my table inside out.
Then, I traced around my hot water bottle
with a sharpie.

You purest sewers would probably
use chalk,
but as I'm traveling my 30s
my eye sight is starting
to have a harder time
with faint chalk lines
in my dim sewing nook
so... sharpie it is!

I stitched around the sharpie outline
twice with my sewing machine
to reinforce the seam.

Be careful with the presser foot,
it can snag the sweater easily.

Then, I cut out the sweater
(with a seam allowance)
with my pinking shears.

I left a big edge because I have no idea
if it's going to try to unravel on me!

Then, I turned it back inside out
and stuffed the water bottle
in the neck hole
to make sure
it would fit.

Then, I decided it needed a little bit
of felty love,
because I can't leave anything alone!

so soft
and the Frog Princess was
thrilled to see her
favorite fuzzy sweater

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Homemade Felt Sugar Cookie Baking Set

I've seen baking sets like this around the web, on Etsy, and on various blogs.

Being the crafty mama that I am, I made a set for our play kitchen.
I even learned how to do a blanket stitch for this project!
I used cream felt for the raw dough and traced a cookie cutter we had in the house.

I blanket stitched around the edges of the "dough" the openings, and the cut out stars.

Note: I would have preferred to use a cool "old school" metal cookie cutter
but didn't have one that was a good basic shape.

and... Mini-Saurus really wanted to make "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star cookies"
It's hard to argue with that!

I partially filled an old sprinkle jar with some beads and super-glued the lid on.

Note: It would be cool to fill the jar more than I did, but I didn't want to waste
all of our bead stash on a jar that we couldn't open!

Sorry for the late afternoon shadows on our playroom table but you get the idea!
The "baked" cookies were made out of tan felt and had
pink (Mini-Saurus' favorite) felt frosting and sprinkles.

They have been a lovely addition to our playroom tea parties.

I may have to make a few sets as birthday gifts for some of the girl's friends.

Happy Fake Baking!

Note: This would be an adorable homemade Valentine's Day gift
for your littles if you used a heart shaped cookie cutter!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Home Made Felt Chinese Food

I made this felt food for the girls
and their play kitchen a while back.

But never got around to posting it....

Chinese take-out and Sushi
are favorite foods
of the Frog Princess.

If you have older kids,
this would be super fun
to do with them...
(I could see mini versions of this food
for our American Girl-sized dolls!)

This is my easy-peasy
felt food.

To make the broccoli:

1. Fold over
a piece of green felt
roll it up
(like a cinnamon roll)

2. Glue the little stem
with some hot glue
(from your glue gun)
Don't burn your fingers
(I always do!)

3. Then carefully snip
the little folds
with some small
sharp scissors
to create the "loops".

The "Spring Roll"
was made by cutting up
long and skinny
bits of left over felt
from my scrap basket
in cream, green, orange
(like matchstick carrots)

Wrap it all up
in a piece of tan felt

Glue the ends and seam
when it looks like a spring roll.

Then, I carefully cut it in half.

For the "Fortune Cookies"
Just cut a circle of tan felt,
fold it in half
and secure the edges
with a bit of glue.

(ppssst...I used my Sizzix Circle template
so it was super-dooper easy!)

I did cheat and use
a tiny bit of thread
to sew the two ends
to make them touch....

but I'm guessing you
could do it with glue
if you REALLY don't want
to sew anything!

now where's my duck sauce?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kid's Craft: Valentine Heart Wreath

The Frog Princess has been home with me
all week battling a stomach virus
(She's on day 7 of it -- Yuck!)
so we've been working on some
quiet crafts
to pass our long afternoons.

We made this simple
Valentine's Day Wreath
to add a little
festivity to our decor.

If your child can
tie a basic knot
that's the only skill they need
to help with this project.

If they're too little to tie knots
(like Mini-Saurus)
they can help pick fabrics
and hand you strips
to tie on.

Start by cutting strips
of fabric.

We picked out
reds and hot pinks
from our stash.

I think these were approximately
9" long
(and a few were 4")

I used my
pinking sheers
to keep it from unraveling.

At first, I was not so bright and trying
to slip the smaller strips of fabric
under the branches and tie them on.

Then, the Frog Princess
being the genius that she is
(have I told you she's smarter than her mother?!)
suggested we just tie longer
strips around the whole wreath. much easier
(and faster!)

So easy and quick.
A perfect craft for a gray day
and kid who doesn't feel too hot.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Arrr.... It's a Pirate's Map for Me! Homemade Pirate Map Project

I spent my weekend playing in the art studio
not too long ago.... and this is what happened.

I made pirate maps
for my girls and their friends.

I used some of my artist painting canvas.

Then I played with various media,
inks, tea, stamps, a candle flame...

The end result was a set of maps that are kid-proof,
playable, and "pretty authentic" according to my 6 year old.

Look for them in my Etsy shop soon!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Art History: Gorgeous Watercolor Georgia O'Keeffe Flowers

I visited the my daughter's First Grade Classroomon Friday afternoon to teach our monthly
Art in the Schools art lesson.This is a program run by parent volunteers to teach supplemental art lessons in the classrooms with a focus on art history and creating art in the style or theme of that artist.

We looked at the work of Georgia O'Keeffe.

My daughter and her classmates hard at work.

We focused on O'Keeffe's paintings of flowers.

A little splash of color on a dreary January afternoon.

I asked the students to sketch a flower in pencil on their papers
(a piece of card stock) and to try to touch all four sides of the paper.

We used our imaginations to see flowers from the perspective
(or view point) of a bee... (or...a butterfly, ladybug, wasp, etc.)

They traced over their pencil drawings with permanent markers.
Then, we got out the watercolors and got to work adding bright, beautiful colors.

I love how this student transformed an accidental splatter into intentional splatters.
I showed him how to tap the brush gently on his finger to control the splatters.

My mantra for art class that I always share with my students:
There are no mistakes in art only opportunities for new ideas!

The students really got into their work and did a fantastic job!

I love the stained glass effect of the bold black sharpie lines with the watercolor!

Such happy colors and bright flowers!

I loved getting back into the classroom and teaching art again.

Classroom hack if you're ever a parent volunteer teaching art, we always line up our wet paintings out in the hallway along the wall. Much easier than leaving them on desks! 
Our masterpieces lined up in the hallway to dry!

Happy Painting!

Check out my Exploring Great Artists 
Volume 1 Ebook for this lesson and many more! 

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea 

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