Thursday, December 3, 2009

Homemade Christmas Gifts: Redwork Hand Print Sampler

Let me preface this post by explaining
that I am, by no means, a gifted embroiderer.
I saw this wonderful idea a year ago on
Plum Pudding blog and couldn't wait to give it a go!

I made this as a Christmas gift
this year for my mother-in-law
with the hand prints of her three granddaughters.

My two girls, "E and C"
ages 6.5 and 2.5
and their baby cousin "A" age 7 months.

I started by tracing their hands on paper,
then placed the hand drawings
on my light table (you could use a sunny window)
and laid the embroidery hoop on top
to make sure they would all fit.

I traced them very lightly with pencil
on the fabric.

I used a vintage creamy, white linen napkin
from my fabric

The Frog Princess helped me paint
the wooden hoop with some red
acrylic craft paint.

( I really need to say this?!
let it dry completely before you
stretch the fabric!)

I used red embroidery floss
(all of the strands)
to backstitch over
the hand prints, letters, and date.

Then, I used white thread to do
this pathetic "blocking" job on
the back of the hoop
to keep it from poking out
and looking sloppy when it is hung on the wall.

(if my Aunt Linda the master of all things embroidery
is reading this please forgive me!)

The end result?

My MIL loved it and cried
and we have a new family heirloom.

What more could ask of a Christmas gift?

Now I want to make one for myself!

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