Thursday, December 17, 2009

* Homemade Christmas Crafts: Pine Cone Elves

I participated in the
and this year's theme was "Fairy Tales"

I don't know why, but for some reason the first thing
that came to my mind were pine cone elves when I heard this theme.

So, I embarked on a mini crafty journey
to make some little elf friends to spread some holiday cheer.
I used a small pine cone for the body
(yummy cinnamon scented ones swiped borrowed from a potpourri mix!)
and a wooden bead for the head (attached with glue gun)
The faces were drawn with permanent markers.

The arms and legs were made with brown pipe cleaners
trimmed and tucked into the pine cones.
(A dab of glue from the glue gun kept them from dismembering themselves.)

I hand-sewed the hatfrom felt, then added a dab of
glue to keep them in place.
Their scarves are scraps of my rainbow fleece.

The mittens and shoes were cut from felt scraps
and glued in place around the tips of the pipe cleaner appendages.

My elfy friends waving goodbye as they set off on their
cross-country adventures for the ornament swap!

I made a couple of extras for our tree but my kids stole them...
I think they're visiting Fairy Land.

A very sad photo of my elves when they were starting out!

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