Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Homemade Christmas Crafts: Drinking Straw and Bead Stars

I saw this fun craft idea
in a parenting magazine and showed it to the girls.

The best part was it was a craft
that we could all do.

Mini-Saurus and I teamed up on the "Rainbow Star"
and the Frog Princess made hers all by herself.

Just lay out 5 pipe cleaners
and start stringing beads
and bits of cut up straws on them.

Once you finish stringing them...
It is easier if you lay
the straws on your table
in a star shape before you
try to connect them.

Just twist the ends
of the pipe cleaners together
(to connect them)
at each point of the star.

NOTE: For better stability,
I recommend twisting the pipe cleaners
together where they overlap on the star.

They make me happy.

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