Monday, December 21, 2009

Homemade Christmas Crafts: Christmas Tree Sewing Lesson

and couldn't wait to make trees
with my girls.

First we cut out symmetrical trees
from a piece of folded over felt.

Then, we pinned them to
the center of our fabric.

You could have the child sew the tree
to the fabric by hand,
but since I was doing this with
younger children,
I sewed the tree to the fabric
with my sewing machine.

Stretch your fabric
in an embroidery hoop.

(Note: you could paint the hoop
or let your child decorate it
with markers for more bling)

Help your child thread a needle
and sew beads,
jingle bells
to the tree to decorate it.

The Frog Princess drew stars
with an orange sharpie on yellow felt
and cut them out as tree toppers.

Frog Princess loved it,
(she kept saying she was having sewing lessons
just like Felicity and Kirsten
from the AMG books)

Mini-Saurus quit on the second button
but she did like
picking out the bling
for the tree and having me sew it on
for her.

A sweet wall hanging
or ornament to showcase
a lovely first sewing lesson!

The perfect project to come inside
and warm up with
when your yard looks like this!

Happy Snow

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