Monday, December 14, 2009

Homemade Christmas: Noodle Ornament

The Frog Princess made this ornament for me as my
Christmas present last year.

Her wonderful Kindergarten teachers make these every year and I love them!

I think they start by tracing a template of the star shape.
(or the teachers may have pre-cut them...)

The star is cut out of white posterboard.

Note: a small hole is punched in the top so a ribbon can be threaded through it to hang it up later.

The kids glue assorted noodles/dry pasta onto the stars with white school glue
(and leave the centers open).

When they are dry, the teachers spray paint them metallic silver outdoors and let them dry.

Then, the kids glue a small photo of themselves in the center.

Mine hangs on the wall year round but travels to the tree for Christmas.

I can't wait to get one from Mini-Saurus in a few years!

These are the treasures that will hang in my nursing home room
(many years down the road!)

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