Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Celebrating Family With Personalized Art Work

Today, I'm going to give you
a sneak-peek into
my house.

This is my favorite wall
in my family room.

We recently rearranged our
family room
to make it more
family (user) friendly.

By mixing things up
it keeps life a bit more interesting
since we spend so much time at home.

It also gave us more room
for playing trains,
pillow forts, etc.

It also gave us a
big blank wall
needed some
art work.

I prefer to
use what we have
when it comes to decorating.

I happened to have three canvases in my
art studio
with a half finished painting
I didn't like.

I gessoed over the painting
with black gesso
(for you non-artist folks,
it works like a primer on canvas)

Bonus: It's a wrapped canvas so I just painted
the sides black = no need to frame!

Then, I enlisted the Frog Princess
to help me paint
the canvases with fun
bold brush strokes
in acrylic craft paint.

We painted one canvas in shades of Red and Orange.
The second one in Yellows and Greens.
The third in Blues and Violet.

Then I printed a collection
of favorite family photos
on photo paper
(with our computer printer)
from the past few years.

The girls helped me sort the photos
into categories by their main colors,

(if you're not sure, just squint
to see what the dominate color-scheme is...)

I played with the photos
on the dry painted canvases
with scraps of various papers
from my ephemera collection....

Once I had everything where I liked it,
I just started Modge-Podging (yes it's a verb)
the papers and photos
to the canvas with
Matte finish Mod Podge
and a foam craft brush.

We also raided my stash
of hardware store
paint samples.

I cut out flower shapes
from the paint samples
with my Ellison press
and used small
scrap-booking grommets
to attach them to the canvas
(just poke a tiny hole with an exacto-knife)

I love this little metal bookmark
the Frog Princess made me
with a scrap of embossing foil
when we did this project
last year.

I just used a little grommet to attach
it to the canvas.

I just love it,
it makes me smile every time
I look at it.

Color your walls
and your family
with LOVE
in the New Year.

* * This project was featured on Mod Podge Rocks! * *
Thanks so much Amy : )

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