Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Texture Plate Fall Leaf Rubbings

Instead of making traditional leaf rubbings
(which we do plenty of this time of year)...

We decided to try an old-school art favorite and did some texture rubbing.
We used my set of texture plates,
place them bumpy-side up under your drawing paper or printed out coloring sheet,
peel a crayon or use a home-made crayon and start rubbing.

You can get texture plates from teacher supply catalogs, art supply catalogs,
and if you scrapbook they sell plenty of these
in the crafting/scrap-booking aisle of your local craft store.

If you don't have texture plates at home,
have no fear you can also go on a texture hunt around the house!

Materials to gather or look for: Mesh (from produce or tangerines) works wonderfully,
bubble wrap, brick (our fireplace hearth and patio),
wood or tile (floors, deck, boards in the shed, shower walls), rough concrete sidewalks,
tree bark (in the backyard) the possibilities are endless!

After you make the rubbing with crayon you can go over it with colored markers
(we used our scented set -- yummy) or watercolors for a resist effect!

This would be a great kid's table activity at Thanksgiving dinner...
so would this great leafy project over at
(you could make leaf turkeys)!

If you don't have leaves to rub you can
always hop over the the Let's Explore blog and shop
and order a set of her wonderful leaf rubbing plates!

Happy Coloring.

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