Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Felt Rainbow Colored Leaves and Rainbow Pom-pom Acorns

I love the felted rainbow colored acorns from the Magic Onions and her Etsy Shop.
Sadly, I seem to be the only crafter in America who can't figure out how to do
successful wet-felting. I've tried and failed miserably.

I was in the back yard last week, surrounded by millions of acorn caps
and wondered if you could add a pom-pom to get the "fuzzy acorn effect".

So, yesterday I sat down in the studio with a craft glue bottle in hand
and started gluing pom-poms into acorn caps.
(bet you could use a glue gun too - but this was more kid friendly)

I even tried trimming a few with scissors to get a more pointy "acorn effect"
I like the round ones. (the little gray ones remind me of pussy willows)

Then I decided they needed some colorful leaves to keep them company
and started cutting leaf shapes out of my felt scrap basket stash. happy!
I think these will find a home in our fairy land after the thanksgiving holidays!

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