Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Paper Towel Color Wheel

at my favorite Montessori teacher, Anne's site,

I couldn't wait to try it with my own girls.
As it turned out, the post halloween morning
was the perfect time to try it
with both of my girls and their sweet daddy.

First we mixed up
three cups of colored water

Then I marked a template
for each of them to follow
on the waxy side of a piece of waxed deli paper.

Then I armed them each with a pipette
from our science box...
you could also use an eye dropper.

Each girl followed her "recipe"
One dot of food coloring water
per dot on the chart.

(mom and dad had to ask Mini-Saurus
questions like, "Where are the yellow dots?
Now put your yellow on those dots....")

Then use your pipette or eye dropper
to MIX the COLORS!

(important: we forgot to do this the first time and it didn't work)

Put your paper towel down
to reveal the surprise!!!


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