Friday, November 6, 2009

More Paper Towel Art - Experimenting with Color.

My hubby came up with this little artsy experiment
(I think he did it as a kid back in the stone age.)

He showed the girls how you can
separate the mixed colors
from a colored marker.

First, collect some markers in secondary colors:
Orange, Green, Purple
(not permanent - we tried, they don't work)
Note: Color Mixing 101
Secondary Colors = Orange, Green, and Purple
They are made by combining 2 Primary Colors
= Red + Yellow, Blue + Yellow, Blue + Red

Draw a small circle (diameter of a penny)
on your paper towel,
then drop a bit of clean water in the center

Watch it "star burst"
the colors will separate as it spreads.
(Do you see the purple that leached out of the blue?)

Ask your kid why they think there would be a color added to a
"primary" colored marker?

Later we tried other colors too like
Brown, Black, Pink, Blue, etc...
The girls loved it.

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