Monday, November 30, 2009

* Homemade Christmas: Family Advent Calendar

So many lovely ideas floating around the web right now for advent calendars.
My dear bloggy friend, Teach Mama
has a wonderful post about her family's advent calendar this year!

In the past we've used chocolate open a door-each-day-style calendars.
Last year we opened the Playmobil winter forest animals advent set
(now part of our ever-expanding Fairy village!)

One year, the Frog Princess made an adorable Santa Advent,
we glued a cotton ball to his beard each day to count down to Christmas.

This year, we're trying envelopes.
I have a huge box of small key envelopes
leftover from an altered books workshop I attended last spring.
I was inspired by this envelope advent at Design Sponge,
this one at Blue Cricket Design
this one at Nice Package,
they also have a wonderful list of activities we borrowed part of our list from!
I made a "rope" by braiding fat yarn --Red, White and, Green.

We strung it across the doorway
between our family room and kitchen table.

I brainstormed a list with the kids and hubby,
printed it out and slipped our ideas into the envelopes.

Each day, we'll do a new activity to celebrate the season!
Here's our list: Harris Family Advent 2009
1. Candlelit bath!
2. Make Paper Snowflakes and Decorate the Windows
3. Make a CD of Christmas Music for the playroom.
4. Rootbeer Floats!
5. Bake something yummy with Mama
6. Make Christmas Cards for Friends/Family
7. Have hot chocolate with marshmallows.
8. Make a pipe cleaner candy cane or wreath.
9. Make a Paper Chain.
10. Use puppets to tell a Bedtime Story.
11. Have an indoor picnic.
12. Family Game Night (Wii, board games, puzzles?)
13. Make and Decorate a Gingerbread House.
14. Dance and Sing to Christmas Music.
15. Set up the Mouse Nativity.
16. Make a Christmas Craft.
17. Make a Christmas Ornament.
18. Dress Fancy for Dinner tonight.
19. Fashion Show with Clothes made out of gift wrap!
(Recycled from opening presents with grandparents)
20. Make and Hang Edible Gifts/ornaments for the Birds and Squirrels.
21. Surprise a neighbor with an act of kindness.
22. At Home Pedicures!
23. Watch a Christmas movie with popcorn.
24. Pick your Favorite Christmas book for mom (or dad) to read aloud.
25. Open Presents!
We always drive around our neighborhood
to look at lights and displays,
this year we'll be surprising the girls with an impromptu,
in Pajamas holiday lights tour.
We're taking our cues this year from Shells in My Pocket
blog and her Minivan Express! (so. cool.)
The girls won't know what night it will be until...
Daddy will get them in their PJs
while I pop popcorn and make cocoa downstairs,
then we'll tell them to put on shoes and
go for a ride with our special holiday light viewing glasses--
they change the lights into shapes like stars, words, angels, etc!
(my MIL bought them at a holiday store years ago for us!)
Happy Countdown!

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