Thursday, November 19, 2009

* Make Thanksgiving Corn With Bubble Wrap Printmaking

The girls and I decided to get crafty and make some decorations for the upcoming
Thanksgiving holiday.

We dove into our "invention box" (recycling that can't be recycled)
and snagged some bubble wrap.
and yes, we washed it and will be re-using it for our next craft adventure.

I set out plates of washable paint in red, orange, and yellow.

The girls had fun painting the bubble wrap and printing the bubbly textures 
on fall colored construction paper.

It was a very Eric Carle inspired process!

Note: I keep baby wipes (or damp rag/washcloths)
in arms reach at all times while we are doing
crafts like this with paint or glue for sticky, messy hands.

After the texture papers dried overnight,
(and the girls had a long soak in the bath!)
we practiced "cutting" and cut out some corn shapes.

I also traced Mini-Saurus' feet for some of our corn.
(Little square toes just like her mama, I'm part platypus!)

She helped me tear strips of green and brown paper to add to our corn.

Our finished corn-tastic project... pardon the corny joke.

One more little goodie we made with our "corn feet"
Home-made cards for long-distance relatives to send thankful greetings.
These would be fun place cards if you're hosting thanksgiving dinner!

I cut out the feet but Mini-Saurus was able to tear the paper strips for me.

The Frog Princess had the great idea of printing with some real corn.

I didn't have a fresh ear of corn (which works beautifully by the way)
so we used our pitiful little dried up ear of corn from our garden...

It didn't work very well.
We pretty much just made a huge painted mess but it was fun to try out.

Happy Printmaking!

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