Sunday, October 4, 2009

Preschool At Home: DIY Easy Homemade Geoboard Make Math Fun For Kids!

I've decided to start a new post category called Preschool at Home.
It's a chance to show and tell some of the handmade learning materials,
manipulatives, and activities I make for the girls.

We have a book case by the kitchen table with trays of activities, similar to a Montessori classroom.

I rotate the activities to mix things up.

The girls can help themselves to these games and activities.
Most can be done independently, Mini-Saurus still needs help doing some of them
but really enjoys exploring them on her own too!

I've seen these peg geoboards in Montessori/preschool supply catalogs.

Mini-Saurus helped me paint two wooden plaques we picked up in the craft aisle at Walmart.
She picked the shimmery pink color!

We made a grid on the wood with some of our leftover contact paper liner.
(I had to replace the paper under our kitchen sink last month
and knew the grid would come in handy!)

The pegs are just clear push pins.

UPDATE: So far the pins haven't come out (we've been playing with it for a week)
I was prepared to reinforce it with wood glue or super glue if they get wiggly.  
Project Note: I did tap a few of the tacks in with a hammer
(my fingers got sore pushing them all into the wood) and a couple of them chipped
so... I had to pull them out and replace them so there wouldn't be any sharp edges!

We've been using these big stretchy ponytail holders
(they remind me of the nylon loops you use with one of those pot holder looms)
to make shapes...

and abstract designs!

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