Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Preschool In A Box: ABC Box

If you follow Itty Bitty Love blog,
today's post will look
VERY familiar!

last week.
She made one for her awesome
Montessori classroom and I had to have one for my shelves here at home.

The girls LOVE it!
So does their mama... and their papa

The best part was how much stuff
I already had for it around the house, in our playroom and craft room!

I picked up the box at Walmart and printed the lower case letters
on my printer taped to the drawer fronts with clear packing tape.

Each girl picks a felt mat
(pink for Mini-Saurus and purple for the Frog Princess)
Then they pick one drawer,
put the upper case and lower case
letter at the top of the "page"
then, they name each item as they add it to the mat.

The Frog Princess is practicing writing the names of the items and making sentence stories.

Mini-Saurus is learning the names of objects,
the names of letters,
and what sound each object starts with.

Here are the contents of our
"M" drawer

Here are the contents of our
"S" drawer:
Snow (or snow flake)
Sea Shell

Here's our "P" drawer:
Pan (or Pot)

Here are the items
from the "B" drawer:
Bumble Bee

Happy Learning!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Barbie Play School In A Cardboard Box

Last year, when "E" was having
some major anxiety about starting kindergarten,
we made this mini classroom
to role play what a typical day at school might be like.

It really helped her calm her fears.

I printed an alphabet chart, some classroom charts,
and a color wheel (of course) off the internet.

You can Google classroom pictures (or visit teacher blogs)
and just print out their photos of bulletin board displays, etc.

You could get super crafty and just make your own
but she wanted it to be"authentic" (it's one of her favorite big words.)

Using an empty copy paper box from daddy's office,
(remember our Little House in the Big Woods box?)
we glued construction paper to the "walls"and added the printed pictures, and a felt rug.

Our Barbies and Kelly dolls have had quite a lot of fun there.

That's Miss Poisson, the teacher.
She's really nice.
Sometime they take field trips to the Ocean Sensory Box and swim with the fishies.

Since "C" started preschool this week, we've been back to
playing in our little school.

Practicing taking turns. Sitting on the circle. Singing school songs. 
Saying the pledge of allegiance (with a tiny toothpick flag).
Reading the calendar and the weather. Having tiny snacks.
Playing outside on the playground.
And of course, having the Barbie moms drop the kids off
and pick them back up at the end of school.

Somedays they take the Fisher Price Little People Bus.
How fun would this be in a real preschool classroom?
(a mini replica of your own classroom?!)

It's a really great way to help your kid's
work on some big scary feelings in the comfort of your own home.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

* Kid's Art: Fun With Tape Resist

My good friend Jen (in real life and bloggy land)
posted this great tape resist project that she did with her daughter
last week. Check out her post at Paint Cut Paste here.

I don't know why I forgot about taping off painting edges
and using painter's tape or masking tape for resist effects.
I watched my mom do it a million times (she's a fabulous watercolorist!)
I used to do it all the time in my own pre-mommyhood-artist watercoloring days.

So fun to try a new technique with your kids!

So, we taped off a piece of white drawing paper.

I should have used heavy weight watercolor paper
or my old printmaking favorite Arches Rives BFK.
(oh...talk dirty to me! You have NO idea how much I love that paper)

The paper we used was old and wimpy so it tore a bit when we pulled up the tape.

Or it was because we used cheap-o kid craft masking tape
instead of real painter's tape but the 2.5 year old didn't care or seem to notice!
We both had a blast and she was proud of her finished masterpiece.

Now I want to try it again on canvas!
And of course the Frog Princess came home and saw it... now she wants to make one too.

Guess what we'll be doing this weekend?!

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