Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kid's Craft: Painted Sea Shells

She Paints Sea Shells by the Sea Shore... or... just in the art studio.
But if we were at the beach, we would paint them there too!

Mini-Saurus "C" and I were sorting her sea shell collection today
and she thought they were a bit boring. So many white shells, so little personality.
I asked her if she wanted to pick out some of them to paint.

"Yes!" was the resounding answer.

We used watercolor and our sparkly dot paints from our summer swap friend.

It was great to have a simple art project that Mini-Saurus "C" (age 2.5) could do on her own.

I think they're fabulous!
Time to find a pretty bowl or basket  so we can display them on the coffee table. 

Pink and Green Mama,

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