Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Daddy Camp: Make Your Own Gummy Candy

Last Week my sweet hubby
took the whole week off
to spend time at home with our family.
It was so much fun!
It's a bit too quiet around here today
with him back to the office.

I've been wanting to re-paint the girls' bathroom.
My sweet hubby announced they would
spend a day doing
It was perfect, I could get my work done without "help"
and he could play with his favorite little girlies.
(he even took photos per my request
so I could post it on my blog!)

Their first activity was
making homemade Gummy Candy.
We found this fantastic idea over at

Gummy worms and gummy bears are
very popular
with the shorter members of our family.

First they gathered their supplies:
Knox Gelatin,
Sugar Free Cherry Jello
Measuring Cups,
and my ice cube molds from Ikea.

Here's a recipe/directions you can use

Cherry Jello smells good!

Daddy did the pouring since it was hot!

After they set-up and cooled in the fridge
we had a stash of new yummy gummies!

We've got what's left of them stored in
an air tight container in the fridge.


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