Friday, August 14, 2009

Daddy Camp: Kid-Friendly Cement Stepping Stones for Your Yard

The last project from Daddy Camp was a huge hit.
The girls made custom garden stepping stones for our garden.

We found the directions at Frugal Family Fun blog.

They re-cycled empty boxes to use as the molds for the cement (genius!!)

My sweet hubby mixed up a batch of quick-drying cement on the deck.
(Hey! Why is that box right on top of my outdoor rug!)
He poured it into the boxes, then the girls added glass stones.

I heard so much giggling out on the deck, I had to wander downstairs and go investigate.
I grabbed my camera and documented the project -- they did a fantastic job.

We have plenty of concrete mix leftover and plan to repeat this project a few more times!!
(I want to try sea shells and buttons next time... and maybe plastic bottle caps?)
They put them out in the sun to dry.
Such a fun and easy project and cheaper than one of those make your own stepping stone kits!

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