Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rainbow Camp

Between the Frog Princess' Art camp, VBS, and another little school camp,
the girls and I are passing our summer vacation
with some homegrown fun.
I'm doing little theme camps with them
right here at home.
No, Not ALL DAY activities but a few
art projects, science experiments, fun snacks, games, and books.
It helps to break up the long days
and gives us something different to look forward to...

We had our first little week-long camp at home two weeks ago.

It was...get ready for it...


I know... Big. Shocker.
Me? Rainbows? Come on.

We did all kinds of fun little rainbow projects,
some oldies but goodies
and a few new things thrown into the mix.
WE even recruited a neighborhood friend
to join us for a full day of camp activities!

Here is a peek at some of our activities....

Sorting and Stringing
Fruit Loop Rainbow Necklaces.

I do love my mini quiche trays!

This is a thirsty project if you've been
running around in the backyard for an hour
and you have to sample each color as you work!

Spin Art.
What kid doesn't love spin art?
No machine? No problem?
Lay some paper in your salad spinner,
throw on some washable diluted tempera paint
or liquid watercolors and spin away!

We bought this little machine two years ago
for a birthday party and we still pull it out
regularly (in the garage)
on rainy days, snow days, hot days...
Rainbow camp days!

The girls have been begging to make
Lisa (from 5 Orange Potatoes Fame) 's

We dyed the noodles with food coloring
and a splash of rubbing alcohol in plastic snack bags.
I saved the bags to reuse for other dying projects.

After letting the noodles soak for a couple of hours,
and dry overnight in bowls (sorted by color of course!)
We covered waxed paper with Elmer's school glue,
and started lining up our rainbows.

Big Sister made the big rainbow.
Little Sister made the little rainbow.

This was a fun project because Mini-Saurus
could participate with minimal guidance.

We also tried our hand at making
ornaments/sun catchers.
This fabulous project idea also came from Lisa, need to go check out 5 Orange Potatoes
(I wish she and her girls lived next door to me!)

They looked great wet on the tray.
(plastic wrap underneath so they don't stick)
but the mini squeeze tubes of glitter glue
pulled and left big holes as it shrank and dried.
We had to go back a couple of days later and fill in with
Elmer's galactic glitter glue.

Gorgeous window stars drying.

Mixing food coloring and water
with my glorious mini quiche tray collection!
(anyone recognize this activity from our doctor party?)

We got the pipettes, eye droppers, and test tubes
from Discount School Supply.

Rainbow Monograms
Then we cut out initials with clear contact paper,
and rubbed them onto mom's good water color paper.
They painted with their newly mixed
home-made food coloring water colors.

When the paint was dry in less than an hour,
(we put our wet paintings out in the sun to dry)
we removed the contact paper.

This little "resist" water color project
goes back to my art teacher days,
but I've seen it popping up on a lot of blogs lately.

It's fun and easy,
and your kids will think
you're a rock star if you try it with them!

I'll post some more Rainbow-rific ideas soon!
(wow, that sentence sounds like I need Scooby snacks to go with it)

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