Friday, July 31, 2009

* Rainbow Rice Eye Spy Bottle

I used some of our Rainbow Rice as the filler,
(you can also use white rice or bird seed)
then I collected mini-trinkets in a variety of colors
(Stuff that will fit in a bottle: buttons, beads, paper clips,
pom-pons, googly eyes, charms, birthday candle, Polly shoes, etc.)

We sorted them by Rainbow colors and placed them onto colored paper.
Then I photographed them as the "spy cards" to go with each bottle
since I have pre-readers.

The girls helped me fill the bottles
with treasures and rainbow rice.
Each girl's bottle is labeled with her initial.
(prevents a lot of sibling squabbles in our household)

Then I used my favorite Scotch brand
(no they don't pay me, I just love them)
no-heat laminating cards to make them kid-proof.
(I buy them at Walmart in the office products aisle)

NOTE: I super-glued the lids shut 
so we (hopefully) won't end up with rainbow confetti all over my car!!

This is the photo on the "cover" of each girl's
Eye-Spy Rainbow Cards.

Here are some of the RED treasures.

Here are our ORANGE treasures.

Here are our YELLOW treasures.

Here are the GREEN treasures.

Here are some of the BLUE treasures.

PURPLE Treasures.

PINK treasures for two girlie-girls!

Hopefully these bottles will bring many years/miles of entertainment.

What Should You Do With It?
You can play a number of ways...

1. Pick a color and see how many things you can count.

2. Name something like Yellow Star and see who can find it first.

3. Make up a silly story that you have to use objects in (like MadLibs),
Example: "Once upon a time there was a Yellow Star
named Birthday Candle, she had a pet confetti leaf and a big dime."

I'm sure the girls will have fun making up their own games.

Pink and Green Mama,

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