Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pimp My Ride -- Cozy Coupe Toddler Car Makeover

I had too much fun this weekend.
Our neighborhood had it's
big garage sale
and I scored this Cozy Coupe car as a gift
for one of my closest friends
for $5 !!

"My Made-Over Kid Car in all it's glory..."

Here's how cool she is,
before she was a mom,
she was the lead singer in a rock band.

She really is a Rock Star!

Court's having her second baby boy this week,
and I couldn't just give them
the new big brother mobile
the way it was...
come on people, it was practically
So I picked up some handy-dandy spray paint....

Faded Cozy Coupe...after I scrubbed off A LOT of dirt and sand crud.

First the girls helped me clean it up
and I painted it black.

Re-painted car in black.

Then, I taped off some "flames" on the doors,
and used orange and yellow flourescent paint.

Hooray for Blue Painter's Tape!!

I channeled my inner-graffiti artist.
Then I added head lights and tail lights.

The car before I added head lights and tail lights.

It's so cool, now I want to
spray paint my minivan!

I've started a mommy makeover revolution!
My neighbor, Holly, called me this AM before I finished my
morning coffee to get detailed directions
while her kids were scrubbing their old car,
to prep it for it's spray-tastic makeover!!

And check out Teach Mama's awesome new ride!

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