Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fun On the Farm Part 1: Farm Sensory Box

We've been doing some fun barnyard activities
around the house in anticipation of
the Frog Princess' Kindergarten field trip to the farm.

We started out by converting our "Construction Zone" box
to a Farm Sensory Box.

I removed the construction equipment and added our
mini barn, some fences, farm animals and crops.
Frog Princess has been having great fun
arranging the animals and doing her "farm chores"
except that Mini-Saurus
(true to her moniker and status as the little sister)
keeps coming in and destroying everything.

My good friend, the Frog Princess' Kindergarten teacher,
made her own farm box with dry pop corn kernels
as one of the classroom centers.

I wish I had dry feed corn to fill our box with...
if only I lived closer to a real farm!!
A girl can dream.

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