Monday, June 1, 2009

Kid's Crafts: Yarn Nests with Pom-Pom Birds

Another rainy day project.
We have been enjoying the mama birds in our yard
with their noisy nestlings and all-day worm feeding marathons.

We decided to make our own
nests and baby birds
to celebrate spring!

You can find detailed directions
for this craft at Family Fun if you click here.

First we pre-made the nests with
yarn and watered-down elmer's glue.
You have to do this a day or two ahead of time.

(Note: You can use liquid startch
but the yarn soaks so much up
that it's hard to get it to dry and stick!)

The birdies are just made
with two pom-poms each,
tiny beads for eyes, felt beaks and feathers.

Both girls could do this project!
Mini-Saurus needed help but
really liked using the glue!

We added bits
of silk leaves and flower petals
for a bit of "fancy" and we had our sweet
little nests ready to go!!

Tweet tweet!

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