Saturday, May 16, 2009

Homemade Gazing Balls for Your Garden

The Frog Princess and I just completed
our favorite craft of the year this week.
We made yard gazing balls
that we found the directions for
in the May 2009 issue of
Family Fun Magazine
(they have the best craft projects!)

What more could an artsy mama hope for?!

Frog Princess painting our
3/8" dowel rods
with metallic acrylic craft paint.
We used red, teal, blue, and purple.

While the sticks dried in the sun,
it was time to paint the balls.

We modified the magazine directions a bit.Instead of painting the inside of the plastic keepsake balls
(we found ours at Michaels craft store)

We did a poured paint technique of
drizzling craft paint and tipping the ball to make
it swirl and marbleize.

It looked nicer and the paint brushes
made it too streaky.

Drizzling paint...

Swirled paint...
So pretty!!
It was fun because you never knew
what you were going to get.

Drying in the sun.

Note: that they are bowl side up....
We dried them the other way
and the condensation from the water in the paint
and the heat of the sun washed off half our paint
We had to start over.

Our gazing balls wired up and
ready to go in the garden.

Note: We substituted our own 16 guage copper wire
for their suggested 6-8 gauge copper wire
(too hard to bend and expensive!!)

So here you have them...

Love them!!
They "go" beautifully with my
vintage bowling balls I have scattered
in the flower beds.

We may have to make more to give as gifts!

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