Sunday, May 3, 2009

Art History: David Hockney Calendar Collage

So this week I was in my daughter's Kindergarten Classroom to teach another AIS (Art in the Schools) art lesson. This month we looked at the work of David Hockney. He is best known for his swimming pool paintings and funky photo collages. 
Heads up, if you go looking on-line for David Hockney art work to show your kids...
some of his paintings and photos contain adult nudity. Make sure you preview and screen before you have little eyes looking over your shoulder.

We made our own photos collages by recycling old calendar photos and glue-sticking (yes it's a verb) them to black construction paper (because everything looks more sophisticated on dark paper.)

(This is the one my daughter made - she says it's a cherry tree! -- Her mama loves it.)

The kids liked the project so much, most of them made 2 or 3 different pictures.
Some had fun combining more than one photo.

You can re-create this lesson at home with catalogs/magazines/or old calendars.
You could even cut up old drawings.

Happy Collag-ing!
(yes, that's another word I just made up)

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Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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